mark edward smith - commercial Mark Edward Smith

Actor / Singer / Violinist / Pianist /

Living my dream in the City of Angels.     

Los Angeles, CA – (Sherman Oaks)

  • Everybody Loves Raymond was my first union acting gig, and that really got the ball rolling.  (finally)   Now 10 years later I have appearances in over six dozen films, national commercials, top rated TV dramas and comedies.
  • Singing is very much in my blood.  My entire family sings.  When I was a kid we would often sing for our church congregation in four part harmonies.   High school concert choir was where I got my first taste of wonderful choral singing.  That love continued on through college as a voice major on full scholarship.  Over the years I’ve had some phenomenal opportunities singing with so many brilliant artist.  Recording and touring with both Sting and Vinx was magical. Other vocal highlights include gigs with: Vonda Shepard, Sheryl Crow, LA Philharmonic, LA Master Chorale, Branford Marsalis, David Sanborn. Score vocalist on several blockbuster films.
  • A serious violinist way before I started singing or acting.  I remember my parents would have to tell me to stop practicing and go to bed in my early days.   Loved being the concertmaster of both my high school orchestra (Southwest High) as well as the Kansas City Youth Symphony.   Started out on the viola, but since our school already had a great violist,  I jumped over to the violin so I could play all those great violin solos.   Always the ham!
  • I’ve been incredibly blessed to have so many exceptionally talented people teaching, coaching, mentoring and “friending” me all these years.  I am eternally grateful.

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.   Langston Hughes