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Never in a million years would have pictured myself a consultant for any company.  Actually very shy, though have learned to hide it very well over the years.  Most successful entrepreneurs will wisely tell you that it takes multiple streams of income to live a true financially free life.  This is especially important for those of us who make a living as performing artists.   In most cases we aren’t in complete control of how many union acting and singing gigs we get a year.  A Plan B was an absolute must-have, though it took a while before finding this perfect fit.

Was first introduced to Arbonne 7 years ago.  A very dear friend, (now ERVP Joyce Lapinsky) gave me a sample of the RE9 anti-aging line for men.   After trying the samples for a few days, it was completely obvious that these products were indeed what I had spent years hoping to find.  Had tried countless premium skin care lines and shaving creams because of my old issues with ingrown hairs and acne.  Was such a huge relief to find products that finally worked.

Arbonne’s ultra-premium products are formulated in Switzerland and adhere to very strict Swiss guidelines.  Unfortunately, there are very few regulations regarding the excess of harmful toxic chemicals in many personal care products in the US.  (1,300 banned ingredients in Europe vs less than a dozen blocked in US.)

Arbonne products have improved my skin by clearing my complexion, removing razor bumps, reducing the size of my pores, and getting rid of my excessively oily skin.  Five years ago I was able to quickly and effortlessly lose 40 pounds in just months; thanks to our exceptional nutrition and weight loss products.  That transformation greatly eased the pain of turning 50.  LOL  No Seriously it really made it rather fun.


Arbonne is a 37 year old company with over 250 ultra premium skin care plus Health & Wellness products.  Formulated without: parabens, mineral oil, petroleum based products, animal products or animal by-best group shotproducts.

  • Arbonne products are botanical based, ph correct, hypo allergenic, dermatologist tested.
  • Products are conveniently ordered online and delivered straight to your home.  (Consultant do not have to stock their garage with inventory, nor deliver products to their clients.)
  • Arbonne consultants can build their global business in any or all of the 7 countries we’re currently in. (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, New Zealand and Taiwan.)


As phenomenal as  Arbonne products are, the business opportunity is even better.

You don’t need to become a Consultant to start enjoying all of our ultra premium botanical based products.  Buy at the retail price, or sign up as a Preferred Client in order to get your products at a 20% discount (with even larger discounts the more you buy).  Enjoy the convenience of shopping from home.  (45 days hassle-free return policy)

The perfect Plan B and the perfect products.Arbonne Logo

This is the perfect Plan B; whether you’re looking to make some weekend spending money, or replacing a six figure corporate salary.   At the 3rd manager level you’re awarded with a brand new white Mercedes Benz of your choice. Average MONTHLY salary at that level is around 5 – 10k.   The 4th level National VPs earn an average of 23K a month.  (There are no limits, and some of my Arbonne colleagues make more than five times that amount EVERY MONTH) .   When we say no salary caps, we mean it.  You determine your income.

Where do you see yourself in five years, if you keep doing exactly what you’re doing right now?   If something were to happen to your main source of income, how long could you survive on your savings?

If you or anyone you know is interested in generating a lucrative salary with an exciting one-of-a kind business opportunity, contact me right away.   Turbo charge your good life into the Life of your Dreams.

Have a phenomenal day.

Mark Edward Smith

Arbonne Consultant –  Id# 18041387

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phone (818) 988-8936   – Call to leave your name / number and best times to contact you. Mention Arbonne so I know you’re not a telemarketer.


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